10 90’s Fashion Trends That Have Returned


The 90’s called and they are begging on their knees to take back every choker necklace hanging in Forever 21, H&M, Claire’s, and every store you would never imagine would carry chokers. The return of the choker wasn’t a gradual adjustment, they were just suddenly everywhere accessories could be found. Admittedly, jeweled and glammed up chokers elevate any outfit from drab to fab, so we can’t completely knock the returning trend!

Crop Tops

The exposed midriff is back and has never been as classy as 2017 has made it become. Crop tops have become so normalized these days that we almost forgot their original roots way back when Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time was playing on our HitClips. With the return of high waisted jeans and A-Line skirts, crop tops compliment a high waisted bottom perfectly.

Mom Jeans

We didn’t think it was possible for skinny jeans to be phased out with the heightened popularity of leggings as everyday wear, but it seems like progress is being made! First the boyfriend & girlfriend fits floated back into stores, now it’s the high waisted, loosely fitting mom jeans that are flying off shelves. The relaxed look gives off comfy but chic vibes and can be styled to fit anyones aesthetic! Even you, skinny jean lovers!

Corduroy Skirts

Corduroy anything was a huge curveball we didn’t see coming heading into 2017. Button down denim skirts were popular last year, but as the seasons changed, fashion brands transitioned from summery denims to warmer corduroys and suedes. We’re not mad at the return of either material!

Bell Sleeves

We are getting total 70s vibes anytime we see someone rocking a flared and flowy bell sleeve. Easily located at any Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters, basic bell sleeves are way in and spice a basic outfit up with minimal effort!

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets used to give us mom-ish, not-so-with-the-times kind of vibes, but those 90s moms rocking their jackets were really onto something. Easily accessorized and paired with any color, style, and aesthetic, a denim jacket is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for a staple piece that is equal parts stylish and versatile.


We like to think we moved from the days where embroidered patches on our pants have come and gone, but it looks like they’re here to stay. For some reason, this time around, they seem so much more fashionable. Flower embroidery can be found on anything from jeans to tote bags!

Brown Lipstick

Not exactly the color you’d first think of when buying a new lipstick, but brown lipstick is on the up and up. Modern beauty industry game-changers like Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid have showed up to red carpet events with their lips painted a sultry brown. Though the look can be risky with the wrong shade of brown, it’s a trend we’re willing to try.


This past Halloween, girls wearing bodysuits with fishnets and calling it a cat costume were crawling every street that was in the vicinity of a bar or club. For the rest of the year, ladies were sporting fishnets as socks, fishnets under their jeans, and fishnets over cute bralettes. Though we’re less keen on this returning trend, we appreciate how the fishnet game has changed.


Don’t call PETA but fur is totally back in. Luckily it is incredibly easy to get your hands on faux-fur wherever you go. From  Primark to Marshall’s, one fur piece is a must in your closet for this winter.

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