10 Types of Friends Every Squad Needs

10. The Do-er

This is the person you go to when you’re trying to catch some rays at the beach, study up at the library, make midnight runs to McDonalds with, and even just have a last-minute sleep over with! This person is alwasy there when you’re up for a good time, or down and need a friendly pick-me-up. You’ve hardly ever seen this person upset, and sometimes wonder how they can be so cheerful all the time!

9. The Smart One

You can either find this person in the library, snuggled up with a book, reading up on the latest politics, or listening to podcasts. This friend is informed, and always makes sure to share the latest breaking news, no matter how relevant or important it is. Even if it means breaking to the group chat that Kylie Jenner might be pregnant!

8. The Fitness Junkie

Catch this friend in the gym, or in the mirror taking pics of their ever-growing muscles and toned washboard abs. It is truly a wonder how this person manages to bring themselves to the gym everyday, and you are constantly impressed by how many gains they are actually gaining!

7. The Artsy One

Find this friend in a thrift store, craft store, book store, always thinking, always creating. The artsy friend has an aesthetic of their own, and pulls of the strangest outfits you would never think of putting together. This friend could should up in a trash bag and you would still be blown away at their innovation! This friend seems to be good at everything they try their hand at.

6. The Instagram Baddie

This friend knows their angles down to a T, and has the most bomb selfies posted on their instagram. Generally boasting the largest follower count in the group, this friend can not live without their phone, and can not go 25 minutes without checking their Instagram feed!

5. The Planner

When everyone in the group chat can’t decide on something to do, somewhere to eat, or what to wear on Saturday night, the planner comes and saves the day. The friend with all the ideas and the commandeering attitude, this friend is the glue that keeps your squad together.

4. The Shopper

If the planner is busy, the shopper will always have a solution for boredom. This friend’s religion could be black Friday, and the second they hear about a sale, they’ve lost their minds, and a lot of their money! Though this friend can take their hobby a little too seriously, their closet is the best to raid!

3. The Vodka Guzzler

This is the friend you’ll need to look for after they’ve had more than 3 shots. Though they may proclaim that they have a high tolerance to once took 7 shots without completely blacking out, you and your friends often hold their hair back at the end of the night.

2. The Tequila Lover

This person is the one to go out with during any day of the week. They love to dance and are all about having a good time. Generally this person can handle their liquor, so you never have to worry about them getting messy.

1. The Mom

The most important member of the group, the mediator, the shoulder to cry on, and the backbone of your squad. This friend cares about the wellbeing of everyone in your squad, and everyone around them. This friend will have your back when you’ve been roasted in the group chat, and will go out of their way to make sure you always know you are loved!

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