7 Classic Styles That Are Making A Comeback

Sometimes I think that hairstylists lack ideas and they are bringing sexy back like Justin Timberlake. We are seeing how an “old” hairstyle is making its comeback but with some additional features that make it look even better. If you follow all the trends, you are going to notice that every year we have a new trend that becomes popular for a short time.

Right after everyone tried and weren’t impressed by the new look, they are bringing something that was popular in the past. And this is how “bringing sexy back” was born.

But, let me be honest with you. I always want to see these trademark hairstyles come back. Especially those that originated hundreds of years ago.

I have a couple of them right here. They are the base for every other fantastic hairstyle out there. You can include tens of tweaks on one hairstyle and look unique!

Finger Waves (Originated in 1920)

Side Ponytails (Most popular in the 80s)

Cornrows (Popularized in Africa, but became a trademark in 1970’s in America)

Box Braids (Started in Egypt, became updated in Africa, and now women are rocking it with their own versions of box braids)

Afros (Became extremely popular in the 60s among the Black Panther Party and it’s still trending since then)

Afro Puffs (Became extremely popular in the 60s thanks to the Black Panther Party)

Pixies Cuts (People started loving this hairstyle back in the 50s)

All of these styles have been here for decades now, and I know that they will never get bored. Many hairstylists call them the base for everything else. I want to know what’s your favorite look and what tweaks you would do to it for your next special occasion.

Maybe your opinion will give someone else an idea what to do with their hair.

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