Adorable Footage Shows Little Girl Squeal With Excitement As She Meets Her Two-Day-Old Sister For The First Time

Pregnancy can be the hardest time in a woman’s life.

Some women have a smooth pregnancy while others do not have it so easy and smooth.

The delivery of a baby is another situation entirely.

First, there is the agonizing period of labor when women have to wait for adequate dilation.

Again, the actual length of this period of time varies from woman to woman.

Some women achieve full dilation within an hour, while other have eighteen, seventeen-hour long labors.

One thing that is a constant, however, is the accompanying pain.

The shooting pain that courses through a woman as she goes through birth contractions while waiting for dilation.

The delivery of a child in itself is the hardest part of things.

But all of this is forgotten in one moment, in the divine moment that a new life is brought into the world.

The glorious cries of a newborn child more often than not often elicits accompanying tears of joy from the mother.

Of course, little Eliana wasn’t present for all of the delivery and labor.

But the joy and elation on her face when she meets her two-day-old sister for the first time is practically indescribable.

Her parents had gone to an unnamed hospital in the London Borough as the due date of her mother beckoned.

Left at home with relatives, we are sure that little Eliana would have been beside herself with worry as she did not see her parents for about two days.

Although, reports have it that Eliana understands the concept of a pregnancy and was expecting a younger sister with her parent’s arrival.

It was her father Jason who entered with the little bundle of joy in his arms wrapped in a snug blanket in a car seat.

Eliana can be heard shouting ‘Baby! Baby!’ while reaching out to baby Skylar.

The footage of this adorable moment was captured in the London Borough of Barnet earlier this month.

The relatives of the parents posted the video online and it has since gone viral and received a huge following.

Squealing with delight, Eliana cannot hide her joy as she coos excitedly while waving at the baby.

Her eyes wide with amazement, she excitedly points to her little sister swaddled in dusty pink blankets.

Apparently, Eliana wasn’t the only family member who was excited at the new addition to the family.

Equally excited to meet the new arrival was the family’s dog, who can be seen barking gleefully while gently sniffing the tiny baby.

Dad Jason carried the newborn, who was delivered two days earlier, into the house in a car seat before Eliana softly strokes her precious sister.

The second-time father also joined in the fun as he commented on the video showing his daughter’s happiness.

‘She is going to be the best big sister ever!’

Jason wrote online.

Eliana and Skylar’s mother was not present in the video.

Perhaps, she was still recovering from the tough yet fulfilling task of delivering a baby.

Many congratulations to the family.

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