Beyonce is ‘Hands-on’ When It Comes To Looking After Her Twins…And Blue Ivy Helps Out Too

With all of the wealth, money and resources at her disposal, one wouldn’t be surprised if Beyoncé wasn’t a hands-on mother.

The thirty-six-year-old superstar has the wealth to hire ten nannies without batting an eyelid but she is taking a more practical approach.

Arguably the biggest singer in the world right now, Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z welcomed twins Sir and Rumi Carter in the middle of last year.

A notoriously private family, the singer and her husband dropped out of the spotlight a few weeks before the birth of their children.

And they successfully repeated the trick following the birth of Sir and Rumi.

Save for a few public appearances and Jay-Z’s thirteenth album release, the couple has totally disappeared.

Especially Beyoncé.

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She has resigned herself to only social media posts.

Although she has been spotted out a few times with husband Jay-Z.

Sources are reporting that there is a good reason for the disappearing act.

Beyoncé is actually very focused on the raising of her twins Sir and Rumi Carter and is a very hands-on mother.

According to a source, the thirty-six-year-old spends every waking moment with her kids and is present for everything.

Speaking to US Weekly, a source said,

‘Beyoncé is spending a ton of time with her twins and is a very involved mom. She can barely take her eyes off of them’.

And apparently, Beyoncé is not alone in her mommy duties.

She has helpers in the form of her husband Jay-Z and her daughter Blue-Ivy who turned six last year.

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Jay-Z postponed his 4:44 music tour to be with his kids and Blue-Ivy is certainly doing her own part.

‘Blue loves the twins and is always checking on them and helping out with mommy duties’ the source added.

Nevertheless, it looks like Beyoncé’s time out of the spotlight will soon be over.

The multiple Grammy award winner is set to headline the Coachella Music festival to hold at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, in April.

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She was initially meant to perform in last year’s event but she pulled out because of her pregnancy.

A very active woman, Beyoncé is already gearing up to rock the stage with SoulCycle classes and a lot of dance practice.

A source said that she loves spin classes and sometimes does them at home with husband Jay.

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Before Coachella however, there is a slight possibility that Beyoncé will be present at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards show.

Her husband Jay-Z is up for eight awards including best rap/sung performance for his collaboration on ‘Family Feud’ with Beyoncé.

The Grammy Awards will take place on the 28th at the Madison Square Gardens in New York.

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Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, is set to receive the Salute To Industry Icons Award.

The award will be presented to the rapper and entertainment mogul at Clive Davis’ and the Recording Academy’s pre-Grammy Gala in Manhattan.

Hopefully, Beyoncé and her husband can scoop up the gong for best rap performance.

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