Brave 12-year-old Fights Ovarian Cancer Which Normally Strikes Women Over 50

Twelve-year-old Olivia Parslow is fighting a battle she didn’t ask for but she is doing it admirably and is winning.

Back in May 2016, Olivia Parslow began to put on weight.

Her family initially suspected that she was eating a lot but even they could not have expected what was to come.

When Olivia gained so much weight that her school uniform didn’t fit her anymore, her mother knew something had to be wrong.

She was taken to the hospital where after a series of test and more visits,  she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

This makes young Olivia Parslow one of the youngest people to ever suffer from the disease.

Olivia Parslow

Ovarian cancer is usually found in women who are over the age of fifty.

Making this situation even more bizarre is the fact that Olivia Parslow had not gotten her period yet when she was diagnosed.

The sixth most common cancer in Britain where Olivia resides, Ovarian cancer cases increase by more than 7,400 each year.

Only about 0.2 percent of these new sufferers are under the age of fourteen but Olivia was unlucky to fall into that percentage.

Her mother Mrs. Parslow said to Daily Mail,

‘I began to notice Olivia’s stomach was extremely bloated’

‘As a family, we started cracking jokes about her watching what she eats… But we were trying not to make too big a deal of it.’

After a period of study when she noticed that even though her daughter wasn’t eating much, her tummy was growing she took her to the family doctor.

Mrs. Parslow of Bognor Regis, West Sussex, said that the family doctor immediately sent Olivia to St Richard’s Hospital for tests.

Initial tests on Olivia were inconclusive but at this point, the family was being prepared for the possibility of cancer after an MRI revealed something on Olivia’s left ovary.

It was at Southampton General Hospital that the family received the dreaded news.

Olivia had a swollen stomach (pictured) and had to have 15 liters of water drained

Treatment immediately started and the young child had to have surgery to remove the affected ovary.

Her body was also drained of fluids reducing her body weight and taking her down to eight-and-a-half stone.

Diagnosed conclusively with stage 1C juvenile granulosa cell tumor, Olivia began chemotherapy treatments just before Christmas 2016.

Her mother said,

‘She had four rounds of chemotherapy and lost her hair, which was tough’

‘It made her extremely ill but, in April 2017, we were told she was in remission’.

Through it all though, Olivia Parslow has remained extremely strong and brave.

She never lost hope and is now winning a battle against the disease that threatened to cut her life short.

Olivia, now 13, pictured with her older sister Charlotte, 19, and her mother Beki at their home in Bognor Regis, West Sussex

There is even more good news for Olivia and her family.

Apart from being in remission, Olivia can have children as in January 2017 she got her first period.

Although she has been directed to try to give birth before the age of thirty as her fertility could, potentially, have been affected.

Her family including her father Russell Parslow and her sister Charlotte have given credit to the Ovarian Action Trust for the part they played in Olivia’s recovery.

The youngest documented case of ovarian cancer is believed to be that of Olivia-Grace Steele from Oxford.

She showed symptoms of the disease at just ten days old.

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