Childhood Toys Worth Thousands Today

Berenstain Bears Merchandise

If you’re at all familiar with the Mandela Effect, that you understand why a version of the Berenstain Bears where the title reads to  the highly remembered “Berenstein Bears” is worth thousands.

Apple iPhone 2g

It’s hard to believe that it has been over a decade since the iPhone came out. What is even more shocking is that the iPhone 2 that was released in 2007 is now worth thousands of dollars. While technology has begun to phase in and out so rapidly, the value of the now obselete iPhone has appreciated nicely over time. Some have been sold from $1,500 to $3,000! Check your cabinets to see if you hung on to yours!

1960s Barbies

First launched in 1959, Barbie has become a staple in every toy store and in every little girl’s chest of playthings. Over 50 years later and Barbies are still a very loved childhood toy, and have gained a loyal following of thousands of collectors. 1960’s editions are particularly valuable, the highest bid landed on Christie’s in London for a whopping $14,000! For a doll!

Beanie Babies

Every child who lived throughout 1990’s had to have owned at least one single beanie baby, even if the plush toy was a hand-me-down. Everywhere you went and everyone you knew had a collection and knew the names of their tiny bears by heart. Though the valuable ones are harder to come by, when you have one, you have hit a gold mine. For example, any owner of a first edition Princess Diana Beanie Baby you’re quite literally holding hundreds of thousands of dollars in your hands. One in mint condition goes for $248,000! Only 100 were ever made, so you’d known if this purple cutie was lying around somewhere.

Polly Pockets

Ever since being purchased by Mattel in 1998, the original Polly Pocket that were literally pocket-sized have become exponentially more valuable. Collectors buy anything from the dime sized figurines to the tiny little homes they inhabited. If you happened to keep one unopened and in perfect condition, you could sell a Polly Pocket for over $500!


Furbies were all the rage at one point in time, and looking back, we can’t really figure out why. The creepy stout figures with giant eyeballs and ears were the strangest toys. It’s truly a wonder how fun was had with these furry eyeballed circles. If you happen to be the owner of an original 1998 Furby, you could potentially make over $700 for it. Even if you have a later edition, your Furby is worth at least $75 if you’re looking for quick cash.

Magic The Gathering – Alpha Deck

The card game that took the world by storm in 1993 is still frequently played and those OG cards are still worth a fortune. An unopened mint condition Alpha starter deck was recently sold for over $8500. If you’ve got a “holy grail” card, also known as the Black Lotus, you can trade it in for more than $25,000 worth of cash!

Beauty & The Beast on VHS

You’ve probably trashed all of your old VHS’ at this point and traded them in for DVDs and Blu-Rays, but if you clung to your diamond edition of Beauty and the Beast on VHS, you’ve got a pile of cash sitting on your shelf. Ranging in value from $1700 to $28,000, you have to wonder what makes the tape so special!

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