Distraught Lorry Driver, 45, Hanged Himself After Girlfriend Of 25 Years Dumped Him

History has shown time and time again that human beings do the craziest things for love.

Usually, these gestures are hugely romantic ones with a lot of thought and affection put into it.

But, once in a while there comes an anomaly, when we hurt ourselves under the guise of love, infatuation or lust.

This was the case when a forty-five-year-old man was driven to commit suicide because of the deep emotional attachment that is love.

Gary Tustain was an HGV lorry driver and a resident of Oxfordshire.

The forty-five-year-old took his life a few days after his girlfriend decided that it was time for them to go their separate ways.

His girlfriend was named Kate Reeves and apparently, Gary Tustain had been dating her for twenty-five years before their split.

Gary Tustain was found dead in the loft of his home in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Apparently, he had killed himself by asphyxiation which came about by hanging.

An inquest has since been conducted into the death of the lorry driver with the results just being made public.

According to the results of the inquest board, Gary Tustain did not leave a suicide note or goodbye message of any kind.

The suicide came without warning as there was no indication that he was suffering any kind of mental or emotional depression.

A quick foray into his medical records showed that he had no history of depression or anxiety related problems.

Gary Tustain supported Tottenham Hotspur FC before his death and his friends have described him as a ‘normally happy’ individual.

Gary’s death occurred sometime in October last year according to a coroner’s report.

Oxfordshire Coroner Darren Salter agrees with the result of the inquest carried into Gary Tustain’s death.

According to him, although no note was found, there was enough evidence to show Mr. Tustain intended to take his own life.

Darren Salter said to the media,

‘Sadly Mr. Tustain hanged himself. Did he intend to take his own life? I think on the evidence he did so’

‘ I don’t think there is any evidence that this was a cry for help. The act itself is a very final act. Although no note was left, there is the evidence of the relationship break-up the day before and the fact he was very upset about that.

‘I do think the evidence taken together shows that Mr. Tustain did intend to take his own life’.

A memorial service has since been held in Mr. Tustain’s honor.

The service took place in November last year at St Mary’s Church in Banbury where he resided.

His family welcomed people in Spurs shirts, Guns ‘n’ Roses t-shirts and fishing hats.

Gary Tustain’s obituary read,

‘…… much-loved son of Norma, stepson to the late Derrick. Loving brother to Lindsey, Sandra, and Pauline. Best friend and partner to Kate. Devoted uncle to Kirsten and Kayla’.

Since his passing away, his friends and family have posted positive words of the late lorry driver.

Craig Clark said, ‘He was one of the good ones’.

Kelly Louise Pawley also wrote, ‘He was one of the nicest blokes I’ve met, so soft and kind. Of course gorgeous’.

Finally, a woman named Julia Stoddard wrote on social media,

‘He was a lovely person. My Mum used to take me, Gary and our other mates for long walks as kids during the summer holidays and we always ended up at the back stream. Gary would bring his fishing tackle. He taught me to fish. Gary was gorgeous. This is just so awful’.

Rest in Peace Gary Tustain.

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