Fresh Heartbreak For Man Who Lost His Wife To Cancer As His Dream of Using A Surrogate To Carry Their Baby Fails After Two Attempts

Jake Coates could never have known when he was marrying his wife that she would be dead in a few months.

Mr. Coates married his wife and childhood sweetheart Emmy Collet in September 2016, a few months before she succumbed to cancer.

Emmy Collet died eighteen months after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

The couple had actually dated each other in their pre-teens before they drifted apart in their university years.

Almost like they were fated to be, the couple reconnected after their college education and started dating again.

Although it wasn’t without its sacrifices, they lived thousands of miles away from each other.

Jason Coates worked as a doctor in Sydney while his future wife worked as a teacher in London.

They were, however, willing to fight for their love as they would FaceTime each other every day and would travel around the world to meet up.

That willingness to fight was also present when Emmy Collet was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Emmy, from Luckington, Wiltshire, had been plagued with symptoms such as diarrhea, tiredness and enlarged lymph nodes before her eventual diagnosis.

Following the diagnosis, Jake Coates flew to London where he proposed to Emmy and they got married.

However, it was not to be as they got some more bad news.

Just before embarking on their honeymoon, Emmy was told cancer had already spread to her spine, lungs, liver, and bones and that she could never give birth.

She was taken to the Royal Marsden Hospital and was told she could have made a full recovery if the disease had been diagnosed earlier.

The couple showed their grittiness and they became national celebrities after they documented their battle with cancer.

Emmy was especially brave as she managed to raise tens of thousands of pounds for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Shortly before her death, doctors harvested Emmy’s eggs and Jake’s sperm leaving nine viable embryos.

The couple longed to be parents and following Emmy’s death, Mr. Coates embarked on fulfilling his wife’s dying wish.

Moved by the couple’s story, their former schoolmate Liz Begg volunteered to carry the baby.

It hasn’t all worked out for Jake Coates and the late Emmy Collet.

Following two failed attempts, Pride of Britain winner Mr. Coates has decided to halt treatment.

He told the Daily Mirror,

‘Liz has been the most selfless, kind, thoughtful and gorgeous person throughout this whole process.’

‘She has had to endure physical as well as emotional turmoil over the last 18 months because of our choices – more than she ever deserved or asked for, and I know she would do it all over again 1,000 times and more.’

‘After two failed attempts and more consideration than any of you could ever imagine, I have decided to step back from the surrogacy journey and delay it indefinitely.’

Emmy Collet died thinking she would be a mother as Liz was actually pregnant while she was alive.

It was only after her death that they found out that the pregnancy was ectopic.

Hopefully, Jake Coates finds it in him to try again, if only for his late wife’s sake.

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