Horrific Images Show The Suffering Of A 16-year-old Girl Starved To Death By Her Adoptive Mother

Pictures have emerged of the lifeless body of a sixteen-year-old girl who was starved to death by her adoptive mother.

The extremely graphic pictures show Natalie Finn’s thin body covered with blood, scratches and bed sores.

Natalie Finn was found in her adoptive parent’s home lying dead on the linoleum floor while wearing an adult diaper.

The teenager was found in October 2016 by authorities.

She had been denied access to regular food and water for several months and wasn’t allowed to use a bathroom.

More heartbreaking was a handwritten note found lodged in the window where Natalie Finn was supposedly held hostage.

The note was written by one of her siblings and read,

‘Can’t open window, mom nailed it shut!’.

Her adoptive mother Nicole Finn was raising four other children along with poor Natalie.

According to authorities, Natalie’s siblings were also in danger of being starved to death.

In a sentencing hearing this past Friday, Nicole Finn was handed three consecutive life sentences after being convicted of murder in the death of 16-year-old Natalie Finn.

Her public defender tried to argue that Mrs. Finn 43, is detached from reality and was overwhelmed by her parenting duties.

However, the judge and a jury of her peers weren’t buying it.

It should be noted however that Mrs. Finn is planning to launch an appeal in this particular case.

Experts testified that her siblings, Mikayla, 14, and Jaden, 15, were at risk of starving to death as well and spent months recovering after Natalie suffered cardiac arrest.

Little Mikayla also revealed while speaking to the court that she had resorted to drinking water from a toilet due to intense thirst.

Three of her children were locked in a room for months without food or access to a bathroom.

The children testified that they sometimes had to climb out of a window and beg for food from neighbors.

Judge Karen Romano has described Finn’s actions as inexcusable and inhumane.

The court has also ordered her not to have any contact with the rest of her surviving children; who are all adopted.

In the same vein, Natalie Finn’s adoptive father has been charged kidnapping, neglect or abandonment and child endangerment.

Although he has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Joe Finn II was not living with the family when Natalie died.

It is however believed that he is complicit when it comes to Natalie’s death and the despicable living situation of her siblings.

His children revealed that he boarded up the windows after they kept climbing out to beg for food from the neighbours.

His trial is set to begin later this year in April.

Poor Natalie

Neighbors and school officials reported their concerns about Natalie’s treatment to state child welfare authorities.

A court order was obtained and Child Protective Services notified of the situation.

However, officials declined to remove the children after visiting the home.

Reports say that a child protective worker has been fired amidst inquires by the Department of Human Services.

Internal investigations, however, are still ongoing.

It remains to be seen if Nicole Finn’s appeal would be a success.

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