Is Grey Is The New Black? All You Need To Know About Going Grey This Winter

A new hair color is one of those ways to make some change on yourself. It’s time to switch things up. It’s not important what kind of hairstyle you are “rocking.” Maybe Gray will become the new Black this winter as so many women are already showing their unique style.

Trends can’t go for a lifetime, but it sure can last for a reasonable period of time. Before I heard about this gray hair color trend, women were saying how this color reminds them of being old. However, this is an excellent way if you want to follow the newest trends all the time.

Before you jump on the gray color train, there are some things you need to know. These tips come from a hairstylist who wants her clients to expect something that will amaze the others.

So, once again, is Gray the New Black?

The hairstylist wants you to know that gray color may not happen within one visit. It’s all about in the way you have been treating your hair lately. If it’s healthy enough for the color to stay still, you might get the result you want right away. It’s vital for you to know that patience is essential during the lightening process. If we put both colors on a scale 1 to 10, you will notice that one is black and ten is blonde. Your hair color needs to get to level 9-10 to achieve the perfect gray tone.

As you can see, the lightening process has a long way to go and could take one to three hairstyle visits if you want to get there.

There is a warning attached here. If you are worried about length retention, you probably shouldn’t do this because double chemicals processing of the hair could provoke some issues with the length.

Another thing that is important for this coloring procedure is what happens afterward. Haircare is extremely important as the hair becomes dehydrated through the whole process. Make sure to give your hair the patience it needs with a maximum moisture or just follow what your hairstylist say. Different hairstylists have different approaches for a dehydrated hair.

So, what do you think about gray hair? – Can you see yourself following this trend anytime soon?

It should be a fun change for the winter period.

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