Meet The Talented Three-Year-Old Who Started ROCK CLIMBING Before She Could Even Walk

Bella could be your favorite child as she didn’t know how to walk, but she was climbing walls like a pro. We already know what kind of person she was in her previous life. Most toddlers are struggling to make their first steps, but this girl already knows what she will be doing for her whole life.

According to her parents, climbing could be in her DNA because of her mother, Andie, is a climbing instructor at Adelaide’s Bouldering Club.

‘Bella would often come to work with me, so I imagine she thinks climbing is something everyone does.’

Her natural gift to have an excellent grip was a good sign for both parents to realize that they are looking at a potential climber.

‘When she was eight months we built her a small wall – really to help her stand up before she started walking,’ – The mother said

Andie says that it all started like that. After a short period, they couldn’t keep her off the wall.

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