Mom Turns In Son Accused Of Carjacking 81-year-old Woman In Walmart Parking Lot

A mother from Lauderdale Lakes might have just won herself the award for ‘most honest citizen’ or ‘worst mother’.

It all depends on how you view the situation.

Justice is supposed to be no respecter of persons, neither is it supposed to be exempt from close family members.

A mother named Ramona Gordon has made sure that the appropriate punishment will be meted out to her son by the law after she ratted him out.

Her son Shaquille Dixon was accused of carjacking an eighty-one-year-old woman’s Toyota Corolla.

The one saddening thing about this case is the fact that Shaquille Dixon is barely a teenager as he is just fourteen years of age.

The teenager was aided in his crimes by two of his compatriots, both of whom seem to be in the same age bracket.

The trio were captured by surveillance cameras in the parking lot where the theft took place.

The incidence took place in the parking lot of one of the world’s most famous supermarket chains, Wal-Mart.

The three teenagers had earlier tailed the woman following her into the store according to surveillance cameras.

In a twist of events, Dixon was fingered by his mother who saw a video of the carjacking on the local news station.

From the surveillance video taken in the afternoon on January 15, Dixon and his cohorts could be seen following the elderly victim into the store from the parking lot.

The three juveniles then returned to the parking lot once she was done with her shopping.

The identity of the elderly woman has been kept hidden because she allegedly fears for her safety.

In a coordinated operation, two of them flanked the elderly woman while the third pointed a gun at her.

It is not clear at this time which of the perps pointed the weapon at the poor helpless woman.

But the one with the gun was the one who demanded the keys to her brown 2015 Toyota Corolla.

Fearing for her safety, the elderly woman complied with his wishes and surrendered her keys.

The three boys then fled the scene in the car.

They reportedly drove so fast that they almost hit the poor woman.

Footage of the incident was made public by police to aid in the investigation and it was while watching the news that Miss Gordon recognized her son.

Her son wasn’t even aware that the footage had been released by the police and investigators.

In a great show of justice, Miss Gordon promptly rang up the police and reported her son.

Speaking to News 7 Miami, she explained how hard it was for her to do something of that nature.

She said,

‘It is really difficult for me. I turned my son in. I do not condone anything like this’

‘When I saw it, he wasn’t aware that he was on TV. I called the police right away and had them come and get him’.

The victim of the crime has also expressed her regret at the young ages of the boys who robbed her.

Speaking to CBS Miami with her identity hidden, she said,

‘Where are we going, where is the future for that kind of kids. Terrible’

‘And that upset me from that moment when that happened, it upset me. But I am getting better’.

Dixon has not given his two pals up and police are still searching for them.

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