Mom’s Viral Post Of Horrific Car Accident Is A Chilling Reminder To Always Put Your Kid In A Car Seat

Look, accidents happen. There is no way you could know when you are going to get in one. Being a parent is stressful, and sometimes there is this temptation to take even the shortest ways if the rush is real.

A mother shared her story with her friends and family on Facebook about being a mother and why you need to take the child’s car seat safety seriously.

Jenna Casado Rabberman is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She hopped in her car with both of her boys (one six weeks old and the other two years old) for some shopping right after preschool. The kids were in the rear-facing car seats.

Coming out of nowhere, another car slammed into them at high speed. This left the Honda totaled, and when you see the picture, you will be scared for Jenna’s and kids’ lives.

Only a miracle saved them and left them unscathed.

She said: This is why you buckle up your kids in the car seats.

After this post went viral, people started showing their own stories:

Learn from this!

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