Mother-Of-Four Dragged Online For Claiming She’s Too Attractive To Find Love

The Internet went hard at this mother of four who said that she is too attractive for her age to find love.

Dawn Cousins, 44, works as a receptionist from London, but she became an Internet sensation with her quote. She appeared on ITV daytime show after feeling that men are constantly falling for her youthful look, but she is not interested.

Skeptical viewers started throwing jabs at her through their keyboards calling her different names and disagreeing with everything she said.

The glamorous mother has been single since 2003 and runs her own YouTube channel. One of her claims that spiked a significant interest was that sometimes she wishes she didn’t look so good so she can find a long-term partner who won’t be with her only for her looks.


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  1. Um she is not all that and not even that attractive , yes is is an ok woman lol but not that pretty. It’s all in her head, sometimes is our attitude that chase people away

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