Mother Wins Battle To Stop Her Terminally-ill Girl From Being Taken Into Foster Care

A mother from Croydon has won a huge court battle that could have shaped the life of her daughter.

Or at least, the rest of it.

Her daughter Melody Driscoll is terminally ill with Rett Syndrome.

Rett Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that affects brain development and results in severe mental and physical disability.

Although Melody is now eleven years of age, it was initially predicted by doctors that she wouldn’t live up to the age of five.

However, she was put on a diet of morphine and steroids in 2013 and her family says that there was a marked improvement thereafter.

Although Melody can’t walk or talk due to Rett Syndrome, the joy she brings her parents Karina and Nigel is unspeakable.

The parents want to spend the rest of Melody’s life making memories but that was in danger of being jeopardized.

Melody Driscoll was in danger of being taken into foster care due to a clash between her parents and her doctors.

According to reports, her doctors were trying to wean the eleven-year-old child off her diet of steroids and morphine.

Her doctors feared that the drugs would cause liver damage that could potentially prove fatal.

However since the process began, little Melody who has met singer Ed Sheeran twice has been in pain and agony according to her parents.

Mrs. Driscoll had been campaigning for her daughter to remain on the painkillers because, without them, she had ‘lost her spark’ and was enduring extra suffering needlessly.

Fighting to get her back on the drugs, her parents wrote the Croydon Council asking for legal assistance.

However, the council, in turn, started a legal battle against the parents after claims from doctors that they weren’t acting in the best interest of their child.

The couple battled hard for their daughter and the little time they have together.

They even went as far as hiring Charles Da Silva, the lawyer who worked on the Charlie Gard case.

Short on funds, they opened up a donations page and were trying to raise £50,000 to cover the legal costs.

Finally, the couple has gotten a breakthrough.

It has been revealed that social services called off the legal action against the parents this past week.

In fact, a meeting was organized in which apologies were offered to the family.

Mrs. Driscoll said to the Advertiser,

‘We couldn’t believe it. They couldn’t stop apologizing.

‘They said they should never have sent that letter, and said they have not done enough to support us and Melody.

‘I felt overwhelmed. I tried to keep it together.

‘I said ‘I don’t think you realize the damage you’ve caused – you could have destroyed my whole family’.

A statement from the Croydon Council also read,

‘It is always very difficult for all concerned to ensure the right decisions are made for children who have complex health and care needs when there are differing medical options.

‘We always seek to work with parents and hear the views of the child and the family.’

Hopefully, Melody and her parents can enjoy what little time they have together now without any further issues.

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