Polyamorous Married Couple Let Lovers Live In The Family Home With Their Three Children

World, let me introduce you to the strangest family ever. I don’t know if you can hear or read about other families like this anywhere. Carl and Kenya Stevens are from Asheville, North Carolina. They are happily married for 22 years, and a half of their relationship has been one of the “opened” ones. They are calling their thing “the future of love.”

So, what’s the big deal for them?

They are searching for multiple partners on Tinder and other dating sites and insist their kids be comfortable with their partners living in their family home.

How weird is that?

It’s like living as a polyamorous couple in and out of the bedroom.

‘Carl and I have been open for 12 years. We enjoy it so much that we support other people coming into this lifestyle.

‘We deal with every kind of problem, from people cheating on their spouse, people who want to open their relationship and people who want to learn how to relate to one person.’

According to Carl, these kinds of relationships are becoming more popular and common. A study shows how this is the fast-growing relationship type in the US. He added that many people are still looking at this as a big mess, but the whole process could become normal until 2050.


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  1. Seriously? This is all there is to the article? As one living in a poly quad, I find this article to be skimpy and not at all informative on what poly is and isn’t.

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