She Lost Her Eyes After An Brutal Acid Attack At Age 15. . . But Through Her Pain Found True Love

At the age of 15, Pramodini Rual (aka Rani) was doused with acid after declining to marry a 28-year-old local suitor – melting her skin and permanently blinding both eyes.

After four months in intensive care, Rani was bedridden for four years and has endured five reconstructive surgeries.

Nonetheless, she found light at the end of this dark tunnel after meeting the love of her life: a man named Saroj.


Saroj was visiting a friend at the hospital when he met Rani and her mother. He offered to support them in any way he could, and eventually left his job to care for her.

“He even quit his job to meet me everyday. From 8 to 12am in the morning and 4 to 8pm in the evening, he was there with me. It had become a routine. Just as medication was required for the physical recovery I needed dire support and encouragement at the mental level. ‘Gradually, the wounds started healing and with treatment and exercise and with his help and support I regained my confidence and now I am standing back on my feet.”


Saroj professed his love for Rani in 2016, and though it took time because of everything she went through, she eventually gave their love a chance.

The two have been living together for one year, and will get married after Rani undergoes additional procedures. Best of luck to the happy couple!

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