The Inspiring Story Of Muniba Mazari, Pakistan’s First Wheelchair Model

The world is in a desperate need of inspiring stories like this. Maybe some of you know this brave young woman, and the others will meet her for the first time.

I’m talking about Muniba Mazari. She is from Pakistan and what’s most important for her is that she is the bravest person and first wheelchair model that comes from this area.

Most of the people in her place quit their lifetime dreams when something like this occurs. I always say that you need to take it as another challenge in your life. It doesn’t matter whatever happens to you. Stay true to yourself, be humble and brave!

One downfall should not mean the end of your life. This is what summarizes the story of Muniba Mazari. She is 28 years old and her life is full of joy and inspirational moments. People recognize her as a model, artist, motivational speaker, activist, and TV host.

Seven years ago, when Muniba was 21, she suffered severe injuries that got her in the wheelchair. She was involved in a car accident and lucky for her she is still alive.

This was a minor setback in her life. That’s how she calls it. Muniba didn’t let this incident take over her mind and soul and she went to become Pakistan’s first wheelchair model. On top of that, she is the National Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan.

There are so many great achievements that make her love her life.

Here is the whole story through her eyes:

“I was 18 years old when I got married. I belonged to a very conservative family. My father wanted me to get married and I said if that makes you happy, I’ll say yes. Just about after two years of getting married. I met a car accident. Somehow, my husband fell asleep and the car fell into the ditch. He managed to jump out, saved himself. But I stayed inside the car. And I sustained a lot of injuries, a list that is a bit long. But that injury that changed my life completely was the spine injury.
Those two and a half months in the hospital were dreadful. One day, the doctor came to me and said: “because of your spine injury, and the fixation that you have in your back, you won’t be able to give birth to a child again.” I was devastated. One day I asked my brothers “I know I have a deformed hand, but I’m tired of looking at these white walls in the hospital. Bring me some colors, bring me some small canvas, I want to paint.” So the very first painting I made was on my deathbed. What an amazing therapy it was. Without uttering a single word, I could share my story. And that day I decided that I’m going to live life for myself. I am just going to take this moment and I will make it perfect. That I’m going to fight my fears. So I wrote down all those fears and decided to overcome these fears. You know what was my biggest fear? Divorce. But the day I decided that this is nothing but my fear, I liberated myself by setting him free.
Number two was I won’t be able to be a mother again and that was quite devastating. But then I realized, there are so many children in the world, all they want is acceptance. Just go and adopt one and that’s what I did.
You know when you end up being in the wheelchair, what’s the most painful thing? People think that they will not be accepted by other people because we, in the world of perfect people, are imperfect. So I decided to appear more in public. I decided that I’m going to join the National T.V of Pakistan as an anchor. I was featured on BBC 100 women for 2015. I’m one of Forbes 30 under 30 for 2016. This life is a test and a trial and tests are never supposed to be easy”

I thought about crying, but I remembered that this is the last thing this brave woman wants from me to do. Whenever you are expecting ease from your life, it gives you lemons, but you need to start making some lemonade and be great at it!

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