The Strangest Things People Have Ever Done – (This Is Truly Baffling. . .)

Part of being human is not being afraid to place our weirdness on display. Some of us, however, are more prone to exhibit extreme displays that even the most open-minded of people may cringe at. Variety being the spice of life and all, there is always room for the offbeat, daring, brash and sometimes outright strange shenanigans people have decided to participate in.

Take a look at some of these odd displays of human uniqueness.

This woman is the epitome of the lady I imagine my mother was referring to when she said to sit like a lady. This superior display of flexibility is actually cringingly cool and lady-like.

This man has eaten over 5,000 bugs. From cockroaches to grasshoppers, he eats them all. He’s definitely about that bug life.
Sometimes giving the finger isn’t enough. This person chose a weird and uncomfortable way to give the toes as well.

I guess setting up a mock living room in the middle of a busy street was on their agenda that day.

People that opt to stuff their pets after death taxidermy style have nothing on this pet-owner who decided a throw rug was a better idea.

This lady is addicted to eating bricks. Yes, really, she enjoys eating pieces of brick.
Yeah, someone thought it was a good idea to make cookie flavored soda.

This lady has 19 pet rats and loves them more than she loves people. Yes, she’s serious.
Nothing says necessary like inexplicably filling an empty lot with wooden chairs. Who came up with this?

No need for a truck when you have played so many games of Jenga you’re confident enough to stack wooden pallets and transport them on the back of your car.

I wonder how exactly this got done. No need to call a tow truck when you can make your own.


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