This Adorable 2-Year-Old Girl Threw A Tea Party For A Cop Who Saved Her Life

Prepare to see the cutest thing today. Don’t be surprised if you see a police officer sitting in a tiny chair with a little girl celebrating life with a cup of tea. It’s a different way of having a tea party. Instead, with her toys or little friends, this girl decided to have the party with Corporal Patrick Ray.

If this sounds strange for you, wait until you see the reason.

Patrick Ray, 30m saved the life of Bexley, the 2-year-old girl, a year ago. She swallowed a coin and started choking at her home in Rowlett, Texas.

Her mother started panicking when she saw Bexley’s lips turning blue. She called 911, and Ray came within minutes.

The mother said that she couldn’t believe how fast Ray come to help. Patrick was able to open up the mouth of this little girl and perform “finger sweep.” His body camera was on at that moment and got the time when the girl started breathing again.

For CNN, Ray said that this was the most beautiful sound he heard in his life.

To celebrate a year from this day, Bexley’s mom wanted to do something and show appreciation to the man who saved her little girl’s life.

She decided to do a photoshoot with a unique theme. A tea party.

Before you see some of the photos, check the video below.

A couple of photos of the tea party:

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