Top 10 Destinations That Should be on Your Bucket List

10. Bali, Indonesia

A southeastern Asian paradise of its own, the Indonesian island of Bali is home to lush forests, volcanic mountains, crystal clear beaches, and vibrant coral reefs. Comparable to any caribbean climate, Bali offers a lovely array of delicious food, an eclectic culture, and incredibly affordable prices for everything from lodging to tourist attractions.

Where to Go: Ubud

Where to Stay: The Bale Resort Bali

9. Cape Town, South Africa

The port city on South Africa’s southwest coast is breathtaking in every way a traveler could imagine. With a beautiful landscape offering mountains, beaches, bountiful flora and fauna, there is something for everyone in Cape Town. Described as having a near Mediterranean climate, the weather is comfortable year round!

Where to Go: Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

Where to Stay: The Silo

8. Paris, France

The city of love should be a must-see destination on everyone’s bucket list as there is nothing quite like Paris anywhere else in the world. Full of history, elegant architecture, impeccable food, and streets coursing with stylish city-dwellers, Paris is unmissable. Home to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Arc De Triomphe, Champs-Elysées, and the world renowned Louvre museum, you’ll need at least a week in the European city

Where to Go: Palace of Versailles

Where to Stay: Hotel de Crillon

7. New York City, New York

The Big Apple is one of America’s most visited and loved cities. Sitting on the island of Manhattan, New York. New York  offers incredible eats, scenic walks through Central Park, unforgettable visits to the Museum of Modern Art, and of course, some of the best shopping you’ll find on the east coast. The concrete jungle is a lot to take in, but any traveler is guaranteed to find something they adore about the city.

Where to Go: Times Square

Where to Stay: The James (Soho)

6. Venice, Italy

Upon visiting the floating city, you are sure to feel as though you have been transported to a completely different realm. Unlike anything you’ve seen before, the entire city is free of cars as the only form of transportation is either by foot or by boat. Each corner of this Italian city is as endearing as it is picturesque. Venice feels like a dream, and is a definite must on your list.

Where to Go: On a gondola ride

Where to Stay: Hotel Palazzo Stern

5. Galapagos Islands

Named the first UNESCO World Heritage site, the Galapagos Islands are among the most protected places on planet earth. The number of human visitors is restricted per year, but the population of rare animal species is what triggers our interest. That being said, you’ll find that many of the beach-goers are actually penguins and sea lions! The perfect destination for a nature lover or anyone interested in following Darwin’s footsteps!

Where to Go: On a small cruise through the islands

Where to Stay: Semilla Verde Boutique Hotel

4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The glittering city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the epitome of modern arcitecture and luxury living. Boasting attractions like the 160 story Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, and the Dubai Fountain, the city shines all day and all night, a tourist trap in every sense of the word. But you’ll want to be trapped in this fabulous city. The options are endless!

Where to Go: The Palm Jumeriah

Where to Stay: Burj Al Arab

3. London, England

The capital of England with an incredibly vast history, the iconic European city is hotspot for everyone around the globe. Home to nearly 9 million people, tourists flock to London time and time again because the city has so much to give. From the Westminster Abbey and the London Eye, to Shakespeare’s globe and Oxford Street, London is bustling with life and a diverse mass of people.

Where to Go: Buckingham Palace

Where to Stay: Pullman London St. Pancras

2. Cairo, Egypt

As far as history goes, those who want to delve even deeper should make their way to Cairo, Egypt. There is so much more to Cairo than what your history texts will have you believe. The evolving African city offers plenty of incredible opportunities; from riding a camel to visiting ancient ruins, there is no other city that compares.

Where to Go: Pyramids of Giza

Where to Stay: Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The city of freedom, happiness, and bike-riders galore, once you’ve visited Amsterdam, you’re sure to want to go back. The charming dutch city is separated by several canals, but brought together by the welcoming natives, thousands of tourists, and light-hearted hustle that flows throughout the city. Characterized by it’s art history, drug legality, and red-light district, Amsterdam is truly a good time.

Where to Go: Rijksmuseum

Where to Stay: Park Hotel Amsterdam

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